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What's New?
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Fan Pages: Ann-Mari has sent yet more of her work, including some composite images from new (2017) Netflix show A Series of Unfortunate Events, juxtaposed with characters from General Hospital. All very unlikely, but that's the fun!.

Fan Pages: Ann-Mari has sent loads more collages (composite images). And not only of The Tribe. So we have Teen Wolf, Shadowhunters, and other shows of similar genre.

New girl on the block, Ann-Mari, who lives in Norway, has sent in 19 Wallpapers – collages are her specialty! Plus 2 in sister-site Tomorrowdigest. You can find these by clicking on the "New" button (Fan pages > Wallpaper); they are also included in their appropriate pages. Following on the heels of that came another 60+ items. Hard to categorize, many of them feature weird crossover pairings. An example is Bray (The Tribe) with Emma Watson as Hermione Grainger (Harry Potter). And it gets stranger. Anyway, you can find these under Fanpages -> Art.
Season one Timeline is still a Work in Progress. I shouldn't hold your breath!

Blue_Eagle_3 was listening to a song by Greg Laswell which inspired her to make a Trudy & Brady Wallpaper. So check out the Wallpaper (and the song).
Season five Goofs is coming along quite well. So if you have time you can check those out as well.

Blue_Eagle_3 is back with a vengeance! She has made 9 new wallpapers. One of these is themed on Ram and Amber, the first of its kind on TD. And one of the girls we all loved to hate...
Plus, I've been compliling a Goofs list for Season 5. I'm about halfway through so far.

I've added some pics of Charlie Bleakley (Troy) as he appeared in Legend of the Seeker (2010). A small part, and if you were watching you could easily not have spotted him. Plus, I've put up some pics of Miriama Smith (Moz S3) from Taikangata Twitch, a somewhat supernatural tale shown in 2010 on New Zealand TV. Go to <Altered Images>.

I've been revisiting the "Altered Images" Section adding more pics from Cloud9's Enid Blyton Adventure Series (1996), and Secret Series (1997). You'll find younger versions of Ellie, Zoot and Fisheye (Secret Series) and of Ellie (again), Sasha, Ryan and Wizard from the Adventure Series. I hope soon to add more pics of "Moz", "Ram", "Jay", "Ruby" and "Spike".
Those with a technical curiosity might be interested to learn that my long-lived ethernet hub that linked my Macs and PC together finally gave up the ghost a couple months ago. I couldn't find a replacement anywhere, they don't make them anymore. I was concerned that a switch would not understand Appletalk. I needn't have worried. I can send Appletalk over TCP. I bought a Netgear DG834G 54Mbps Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Firewall Router with 4-port 10/100 Switch and a Netgear FS105 to give me more ports. It all works just fine with the added bonus that I now have Internet access on all 4 Macs plus the PC at the same time using 100MHz ethernet, and also on my PC laptop using WiFi. And the desktop PC still connects to the Macs using "PCMacLan" software that I bought years ago. Using a router is something I should have done a LONG time ago.
Blue_Eagle_3 has made 4 new Posters for the Fan Pages section. They are:
Patsy the Eternal Slave Bray & Amber
S1 Characters: Amber, Salene, Cloe, Paul & Patsy "Last First Kiss" (Bramber + Zanex)

Blue_Eagle_3 is in with a new harvest of "pretties" (pretty graphics. Come on, keep up!) for the Fan Pages section.
55 Avatars
9 Signatures including 1 animated GIF
4 Sets
7 Wallpapers

I've just put up the first draft of some S4 Goofs. Hopefully it's a comprehensive list, but if I spot any more, I'll add them.

I've put up a whole loada Goofs from S3. Enjoy!

Chapter 9 of Blue_Eagle_3's Fanfic "Our Secret Family" is now up, along with 76 (give or take) new graphics ! Just go to Fan Pages, and I'm sure you can navigate from there. I've also fixed a bug that I spotted on the "Recent" Dollz page where some browsers would render a row of Dollz (side by side) as a column instead (one atop another) - most confusing!
59 Avatars
8 Signatures (with humorous captions)
3 Dollz (Danni. Ebony, Trudy)
3 Sets: Tryan, Ambex, Brex (yep?!)
1 Wallpaper (Also Bray & Lex - Hmmmm)
Ch.9 Fanfic "Our Secret Family"

190 (give or take) new graphics by Blue_Eagle_3! Just go to Fan Pages, and I'm sure you can navigate from there.
170 Avatars
1 Chapter Image
6 Sets
7 Wallpapers

And even more graphics from Blue_Eagle_3! She's been participating in contests lately, and behold! 56 Trudy Avatars, and 5 Eagle Avatars. Just go to Fan Pages, click on Avas/Sigs, then on Avas, which takes you straight to the Recent page.
ALSO: Remember the sexy red dress that Trudy wore for the Guardian - with disastrous consequences? Blue_Eagle_3 has made a wallscroll of that scene from Season 3.
61 Avatars 56 Trudy + 5 Eagle
1 Wallscroll Trudy and the Guardian

I'm playing catch-up here because since updating this page, there have been 2 fanpages updates with new graphics by Blue_Eagle_3. Here's a summary of both these updates taken together
18 Wallpapers
Aug.08 1 Bray & Trudy 1 Lex & Zandra 1 Zoot 4 Ram & Trudy
Aug.20 1 Guardian/Chosen 1 Amber 1 Trudy 1 Trudy-Brady-Guardian
  1 Mallrat Tribe 1 Trudy & Ram 1 Lex 1 Ryan-Zandra-Trudy
  1 Ryan & Trudy 2 Gel    
5 Sig-Avatar Sets
Aug.08 1 Bray & Lex 1 Jack & Dal 1 Gel 1 Trudy & Zandra
Aug.20 1 Zoot      
1 Signature
Aug.20 1 "Paint Fight"      
3 Banners
Aug.20 1 Trudy & Brady 1 Wolf 1 Charlie  
1 Header
Aug.08 1 Ebony      
1 Chapter Image
Aug.08 1 Luke      
Aug.08 1 Lex 2 Spike (S1,S2)    

Blue_Eagle_3 has made some more graphics which you can find by going to the <Fan pages> section. She has made...
1 Signature 2 Wallpapers 4 Signature-Avatar Sets

Blue_Eagle_3 has made some more graphics which you can find by going to the <Fan pages> section. She has made...
1 Banner 1 Header 1 Chapter Image 6 Avatars 1 Signature 1 Signature-Avatar Sets

In case you missed it, there's some sad news that Bob, played by - Bob - who was in fact Ray Thomson's own dog, has passed away at a ripe old age. My thanks go to Blue_Eagle_3 who passed this news on. She has made a Bob RIP wallpaper. She has also made 3 new Amber wallpapers, plus 3 sig-Ava Sets: Lex holding Cloe's Teddy S1; The Lex gang waiting for Zoot, S1; and Amber with her new baby, S4.
Blue_Eagle_3 has made 11 new 'pretty graphics': 1 wallpaper of Lex surrounded by images of his colorful past; 4 Avatars of Danni; and 3 Sets (=1 Ava + 1 Sig) of Ebony, Queen of the Locos; Trudy and Lex; and Bray with Salene. Enjoy!...
Blue_Eagle_3 has made 4 new 'wallies',: one of Ram in a world of his own in 'Reality Space', and three of Patsy with Brady and/or Trudy. She has also made 2 new Chapter Images, and a couple new Sets (1 Ava + 1 Sig). I also forgot to update this page on the 13th when I should have mentioned BE3's Fanfic "Our Secret Family" (an 'Alternate Universe' P.O.V. style story) about Ryan's secret relationship with Trudy, plus various graphics, including Chapter Images for her fanfic.
However, with the Fanpages makeover, I hope it will be easier to see - at a glance - which sections have been updated.
For the last 10 days or so I've been rebuilding the fan pages. And during that time Blue_Eagle_3 has made lots and lots of wallpapers and - well, all sorts, which meant I had to create 2 more sections - Posters and Headers. And that was when I decided I had to rethink everything. I've added a few more "technical" details in <Site News>. So I'd like to thank everyone for being patient, and specially Blue_Eagle_3.
I have now added all Blue_eagle_3's latest graphics, including the new sections, Posters and Headers.
1 Banner 4 Chapter Images 11 Avatars 1 Signature 16 Signature-Avatar Sets
14 Wallpapers
1 Wallscroll 6 Headers 4 Posters  

Blue_Eagle_3 has made 12 more graphics, lots more, icluding another bookmark, this one of Patsy. So ye of the bookworm realm... You'll find the new bookmarks page by clicking on the <Avas/Sigs> tab once your in the <FAN....> section.
Here's what you can find in her latest assortment of goodies!
1 Signature - Trudy & Brady animated GIF 1 Bookmark - Patsy
2 Sets: 1 Bray; 1 Patsy
6 Wallpapers: 2 Ambex; 1 Zoot-Trudy; 1 Jack, 1 Bray
      1 Amber

Blue_Eagle_3 has made more graphics, lots more, and your webmaster has had to add another subsection: bookmarks. Her first one here is of Dirk, who has featured in much of her recent creations. You'll find the new bookmarks page by clicking on the <Avas/Sigs> tab once your in the <FAN....> section. Here's a list of her latest "stuff".
2 Chapter Images: 1 Trudy; 1 Ambex 1 Bookmark - Dirk
4 Sets: 1 Ambex; 1 May; 1 Trudy; 1 Cloe-animated
1 Banner: Troy & Susannah
6 Wallpapers: 1 May; 1 Zoot-Trudy; 3 Amber-Trudy  

Blue_Eagle_3 has made more graphics.
2 Wallpapers: 3 Dirk; 1 Troy & Susannah 4 Chapter Images
2 Signature-Avatar Sets: both of Dirk
1 Doll - of Dirk

Blue_Eagle_3 has made yet more graphics
3 Wallpapers: 1 Ryan+Trudy; 1 Bramber; 1 Zandra 1 Chapter Image: Bray with knife
2 Sig-Avatar Sets: 1 Jack; 1 Trudy & Dal
2 Dollz: 1 Dal + 1 Trudy, both S1. Ep.22-23
1 Avatar: Trudy (wielding a knife) 1 Dal Doll, Season 1
I your webmaster have also been doing stuff. I've started a "Goofs" section, with quite a collection for Season 1. If you find any more, let me know and I'll credit you.

Blue_Eagle_3 has made some more graphics
1 Trudy Wallpaper, 1 Patsy Wallpaper 1 "Ambexony" blend in the ART section
5 Avatars - 2 Amber, 1 Paul, 1Pride, 1 Ramber +
4 Avatars 200x200 first posted on 4The Tribe
3 Chapter Images
1 Zandra Doll

Blue_Eagle_3 has been busy - she never stops!
1 Trudy & Brady Wallpaper, 1 Ambex set (1 Avatar + 1 Sig.)
2 Sigs ( 1 Trudy & Brady + 1 Amber) 5 Chapter Images**
**Let 'B_E_3' explain about Chapter Images. "Chapter Images. They are 380x300px most often, sometimes slightly smaller. 300x300px. These are what is used on one site where fanfiction for Harry Potter is uploaded, and they are to portray the chapter in question, these i have made have nothing to do with any stories,... and sometime in the future they might get chapters that go with them".
So that's what they are. How do you find them? I've put them in the Avatars-Sigs-Sets section (first go to <Fanfics...>). There you'll see I've added another button. Enjoy!

Blue_Eagle_3's 2011 Calendar is now up - you can hardly miss it! Plus she has made another Gel wallpaper. And for fans of the Timeline, stuck on Season 1 like for ever, I'm in the middle of Season 2. And then there'll be S3, S4, S5, all assuming the Maian Calendar doesn't intervene. Happy Christmas everyone!

Having rebuilt the Wallpapers section, I've spent severeral days moving all the files to the same server where everything else is. I think it looks better, and two scrollbars have become one. My next project is a 2011 Tribe Calendar, lovingly created by Blue_Eagle_3. So watch this space...!

With 6 new Banners from Blue_Eagle_3, I decided I needed to rearrange the layout a little. So instead of all the banners being on one page, they are now on separate pages according to who made them. And as with other sections, there's now also a RECENT page, which (it just so happens) is full of banners by Blue_Eagle_3. She's also been making Wolf graphics. That means wallpapers, Avatars and Sig. Sets. And a Wallpaper of Mouse. And if you like scrolling sideways to follow a story, Blue_Eagle_3 has made a couple wallscrolls that are wide enough to cross the English Channel - I jest - but they're very wide, or long, depending which way you look at it. Ah yes, one is a B&W Bramber WS, and the other is the story of Amber giving birth in the barn.

Another prolific few weeks from BlueEagle3 ! 8 new wallpapers and a bunch of new Sets (= 1 Avatar + 1 Sig.) Click on <wallpaper> or <Fanfics...> and I'm sure you can follow from there.
I've totally redesigned the layout of the Avatar / Signatures / Sets section. I hope it's more intuitive now.

BlueEagle3 has been making more Avatar Sets (1 Avi + 1 Sig) and she now has quite a collection. Just go to the fan section, click on the Avatars/Sigs tab, and then on Blue_Eagle's tab or <Recent>. She has also made 3 wallpapers, (one of these coordinates with one of her Amber Avatar Sets). Plus another Amber wallpaper and an "Ambexony" one - all of these you'll find in the <Recent> Wallpapers section.

BlueEagle3 been extremely busy lately, with more wallpapers, Avatars and Signatures, and a couple of Dollz.. She has also begun making sets (1 Avi + 1 Sig). Just go to the fan section, click on the Avatars/Sigs tab, and then on Blue_Eagle's tab or <Recent>. If you can't find her Avatar/Sig sets, let me know, 'cos it means my simple navigation system isn't - but I think it is (simples). For the technically minded I've used a fixed <div> at the top that should stay fixed at the top but doesn't with Internet Explorer. So I've made two versions of these pages and you'll have to choose which one. If you're using something like Chrome, or Firefox, click on <others>. Ya'll understand when you get there.

BlueEagle3 has (at last ) written the final three chapters of her fanfic "All that is Left". I warn you, it's not a Hollywood-happy ending.
More Avatars from BlueEagle3, plus some signatures. What's the difference? It seems that size is all-important, only in this case, they should be wider than long. She has also made a couple wallpapers, including a ginormous one of Zandra (-Queen-of-Fashion) to fill the size of monitor I can only dream of. In the banners section, you'll find what could be a Moz signature. If BlueEagle tells me it is, I'll move it, and the same goes for any others. You'll also find a very wide and narrow banner themed on Ram & Ebony's wedding.

I have finished putting up BlueEagle3's fanfic trilogy. Think of the Hippie era, with rather free love between anyone and everyone, though usually one at a time, I think, and two rival cults. Eventually the Cults are beaten or die out, and the next generation is coming into the world. Who thinks Gel would make a good mother?
In the Altered Images section I've added a few pics of 'Troy' (aka Charlie Bleakley) from The Strip, a 2002 TV show. Also of 'Kandy' (Sally Martin) from the same show. I also hope to be putting up loads of pics of 'Ruby' from Shortland Street some time in the near future.

BlueEagle3 has been making more Dollz, and once you've found your way to the Dollz section, you can see all her new ones by going to the Recent page. I've also been tidying up all the Dollz pages, and I've created a new page for couples and groups.
I've still not put BlueEagle3's trilogy up in the fanfic section. I think I've been busy with the Dollz pages instead! But please be patient.

Finally... I've put up some pictures of 'KC' from Power Rangers RPM. He has certainly grown as an actor, and the Scottish accent he puts on ain't half bad. Plus he now has a seemingly endless repertoire of facial expressions. Quite entertaining! See <Altered Images>
BlueEagle3 has also been busy again, this time returning to her favorite subject with two more Ambex Wallies, plus another themed on Jay finding Amber in Ram's VR lab. Plus if you go to the Avatars/Icons section (First click on <Fanfics etc>) you'll find a collection of 55 Lex Avatars and 57 Amber Avatars that she has done. I've also moved her collection of 12 Zandra Avis there too. These collections have separate pages.
And if you wait a week or so I'll be putting up a fanfic trilogy, also by BlueEagle3, that she wrote a while back.
Oh yes, and I think I've got the TD favicon to work.

BlueEagle3 has been busy again. This time she has made 9 new wallpapers, including one of Lex clutching a bottle! You'll also find Trudy & Zoot, Amber, May... and many more. Plus she has made some Avi-s, and resumed her dollz-making with one of Spike. She has also put together a composite of 12 Avi-sized pics of Zandra. You can find that in the Art section.

BlueEagle3 has made 3 new wallpapers: one of Cloe with Bob, one of Amber as an experiment in Ram's VR lab; and one in BlueEagle's favorite theme - Amber and Lex.
Well, guess what - 'Five' (aka Channel Five) infamous for cancelling Season 6, have cancelled the Tribe re-run after only 10 episodes of Season 1. I've tried Googling for why, but no luck so far. If anyone has any information I'll put it on the website.

In <Altered Images> I've added some pics of Jacob Tomuri (Luke, Season 3) and Charlie Bleakley (Troy, Season 1) taken from "Snakeskin", a rather gory movie IMHO.
Blue_Eagle_3 has added 8 more Wallpapers
, so go to the Wallpapers section and then click on the Yellow (Recent) button. There are some strange combinations there - requested by others, I'm told - such as Hawk & Ebony, and Jay & Salene.

In <Altered Images> I've added some pics of Jacob Tomuri (Luke, Season 3) taken from "Legend of the Seeker".
In anticipation of a UK Tribe revival (Five are rerunning the show from the beginning), I have updated the Guestbook. It now does styled text, links, pictures, and smilies, though I'm not sure the last is a good thing! Essentially it's a new Guestbook from a different provider, though old entries are still viewable as an archive. Perhaps more importantly, email addresses are cloaked, and not directly accessible.
I'm also thinking of adding a message board to the site, but I have no feel for how many would use it. Obviously I'm thinking of the <anticipated> next generation of fans in the UK.

In <Altered Images> I've added some pics of Amelia Reynolds (Tally, Season 3) taken from "Paradise Café". Eventually I shall get round to those KC-Power Rangers PICs, but I'm waiting for the season to finish first. I'm also thinking of adding a similar section to TomorrowDigest. I have a load of Lara Custance pics (Harmony), also from Paradise Café. I also have some of Felicity Milovanovich (Zora) from The Killian Curse that I might put up too.

I've put up some more pics in the "Altered Images" section, including Moz, Ram and Ruby from Shortland Street, and of Ari Boyland (KC) from the TV movie "You Wish" (2003). Soon to come are more pics of Moz (Miriama Smith) from Mirror Mirror, and more of KC from "Power Rangers RPM"

Tribebohemian has written chapter 19 of her story "The Radix". The Radix is a Tribe 6 story of a New Beginning. Old characters, New Names. New relationships; old scores to settle.
In the background, since Christmas, I've been re-doing the pictures for the Epi. guide Season 2, plus I've been working on Season 2 of my graphical Timeline. Season 1 is up and running.

In the "Altered Images" section I've added some pictures from Xena Warrior Princess. These include alter egos of Lex, Amber, Zandra, Patch, Sasha, Tai-San, Moz, Zoot, and 2 of Cloe.

In the Fanfic etc section, Blue_Eagle_3 has written chapter 18 of her story "All that is Left." Plus, if you click on the Icons tab there, she has made a 100*100 Zandra avatar/icon. And in the Wallpaper section, Blue_Eagle_3 has made a new Zandra wallie.
Tribebohemian has added some more chapters to her story "The Radix", taking us up to chapter 18. Plus I'm sure we all wish her much happiness and congratulations on giving birth five months ago to a beautiful daughter.

In the Fanfic section Kate' has finished her story "Zero Hour". Blue_Eagle_3 has added chapter 17 to her story "All that is Left". And in the Dollz section, B_E_3 has made a Season 4 Hawk Doll.

In the Fanfic section Kate's writing another story - about the mayhem ensuing when the Virus first strikes. Whilst enforcing a strict news blackout, a certain government agency employs military-style methods to abduct one particular family it believes might hold the key to a cure.
Over on TomorrowDigest Blue_Eagle_3 has inaugurated a new Dollz section with a Harmony Doll. You can get there by clicking on <New Tomorrow> then navigating to the Fanfic etc section.

Updates are few and far between these days, which I think is rather sad, but that's the way of things. Blue_Eagle_3 is still making Art and writing Fanfics, and has now started her own website at http://www.freewebs.com/artandfanfic/. Plus, if you go to the Affiliates section, you'll find her Affi button there. If you click on it, it should take you to her website. She has just finished 3 new Wallpapers (Amber, Ambex, and Zanex) and 2 Avatars, which you can also find here on TD. Click on <Wallpaper> on the left, for the wallpapers (obviously!) then click on the yellow <Recent> button (that's the fastest way).
For the Ebony Avatars, click on <Fanfics etc> then click on the <Avatar/Icons> tab, then Click on <Blue_Eagle_3> tab.

Kate's has now finished her story "The Caust." with the last three chapters 18-20. Click on <Fan Fiction...>
Blue_Eagle_3 has added 3 Dollz to her collection, one of Alice from S2, and a Season 5 Amber sporting a tawny-colored Jacket/coat in 2 sizes (that's the Doll in two sizes, not the jacket). Click on <Fan Fiction...> and then the <Dollz> tab.

Kate's story "The Caust" is now up to chapter 17. The Death is back, and Amy and her friends are virtual prisoners in a Mad Max style Barter Town. Or is it The Village ? Click on <Fan Fiction...>
Blue_Eagle_3 has made some wallpapers, 1 of Lottie, 3 of Mouse, and one of Amber+Trudy+their babies. Plus she has added a new Doll to her collection of Dollz - The Guardian in one of his outfits.

Kate's story "The Caust" is now up to chapter 15. The Death is back, and new dangers await the group. Click on <Fan Fiction...>
And I have done some pics of Beth Allen (Amber) and of Michelle Ang (Tai-San) from Outrageous Fortune (the original New Zealand black comedy drama that was remade by ITV in the UK under the title "Honest!". I will soon add pictures of Antonia Prebble from the same show. I have also done some pics of Miriama Smith (Moz) from Shortland Street. Click on <Altered Images> I've also created a new page in there that is a potpourri of one-off pics of various characters and shows. Click on <Various> when you get there.

Blue_Eagle_3 has added another chapter to her story "All that is Left" and Kate has added two chapters to her story "The Caust". Click on <Fan Fiction...>
And I have done some pics of Bray (Dwayne Cameron), Trudy (Antonia Prebble), Ram (Tom Hern) Jay (James Napier) and Moz (Miriama Smith) from The Power Rangers TV show, together with some screen caps of Luke (Jacob Tomuri) from the New Zealand hospital soap "Shortland Street", and also of Kandy (Sally Martin) in the Disney movie "Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior". Click on <Altered Images>

Blue_Eagle_3 has made 3 Avatars of Jay, Ebony, and Amber. Plus she has completed chapter 14 of her Fanfic "All That is Left".
And I have done some pics of Ryan from Enid Blyton's Adventure Series, made in 1996. He is so young and different-looking, I didn't even realize it was Ryan until I scanned through a bio-filmography for him. Click on <Altered Images>

Blue_Eagle_3 has written up to chapter 13 of her Tribe 6 story "All That is Left." Ambex or Slamber?? Blue_Eagle is still keeping us guessing!
After taking time out for a year, Kate's back, having written chapters 10 and 11 of her story "The 'Caust". Welcome back Kate.
I've put up a couple pages of pictures of Miriama Smith (Moz) from "The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson"(1998). Click on <Altered Images>

Blue_Eagle_3 has written chapter 7 of her Tribe 6 story "All That is Left." Ambex or Slamber?? I rather think that Blue_Eagle is keeping us guessing!
I've put up 25 pages of pictures of Fleur Saville from "Being Eve" (2001-2002). Click on <Altered Images>

Blue_Eagle_3 has written chapters 4 and 5 of her Tribe 6 story "All That is Left." I'm not sure if this is turning out to be an Ambex Story or not. I rather think that Blue_Eagle is keeping us guessing!
Blue_Eagle_3 has also made some wallpapers, some Icons (Avatars), a couple of Banners and an Art item themed on Jack's obsession with computers. For the Wallpapers and Avatars, go to the relevant section (<Wallpapers> or <Fanfics...>) and click on Recent. For the blend of Jack go to <Fanfics...> then click on "Other". And for the Banners, also go to <Fanfics...> and click on the "Banners" tab.

Blue_Eagle_3 has added to her Dollz collection with one of Lottie (remember? - Ruby's little pickpocket friend), plus Dollz of Luke, The Guardian, and a Season 2 Salene. You can find these in the Fanfic section, then click on the Dollz tab at the top.
As promised, I've put up some pics of David Taylor and Jen Jewell from "Enid Blyton's Adventure Series" which Cloud 9 made in 1996. You can find these in the <Altered Images> section. Plus, I've started collecting pictures of Fleur Saville and James Napier from "Being Eve". In the credits, James's last name is Robertson. I'm beginning to understand why he might have wanted to appear under a different name when he played "Jared"...

Can I take this opportunity of wishing all visitors to Tribal Digest a really good year in 2008.
Blue_Eagle_3 starts the year off with a Tribe 6 Fanfic titled "All That is Left." It's too soon to know how the story wiil pan out, and I wouldn't spoil it for you if I did. Suffice to say that the bottom falls out of Amber's world.
I hope to be putting up some pictures soon of Jen Jewell (Ellie) and David Taylor (Sasha) from a show they were in two or three years before The Tribe (Enid Blyton's Adventure Series).

Blue_Eagle_3 has made 3 more Dollz (go to Fanfics etc -->Dollz) and click on Recent.
She has also made a new wallpaper of Tai-San, plus 2 of Gray Owl (The Gaian/Eco who was most against helping Bray) and 3 Amber ones (Slade & Amber and Pride & Amber). The easiest way to find these (Once you've clicked on <Wallpaper>) is to click on <Recent>,
The Blue button for Guys has now become 2 buttons. To find Gray Owl you'll need to click on the <Guys 2> button.
Blue_Eagle_3 has also made an Ambex blend in the style of paint-on-canvas in the Art section. There you'll also find a Ved & Trudy Blend.
I've put up some pictures of Dwayne Cameron (Bray) from Power Rangers SPD. Yes, SPD. I've already done some from Operation Overdrive ("Tyzonn"). You can find these in the Altered Images section. I'm also hoping to do more pictures soon of Fleure & James (Ruby & Jay) from "Being Eve", and possibly some of David Taylor (Sasha).

Blue_Eagle_3 has made some more Dollz (go to Fanfics etc -->Dollz) and click on Recent. She has also made 3 new avatars (Patsy, Eagle & Gray Owl). And there's a couple blends in the art section.
I've put up some pictures of Beth Allen (Amber) and Dwayne Cameron (Bray) from Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. You can find these in the Altered Images section.

Blue_Eagle_3 has been very busy (again), adding to her wallpapers, Dollz, wallscrolls, and a blend in the Art section.

Blue_Eagle_3 has been very busy, adding to her wallpapers, banners, icons (avatars), Dollz, wallscrolls, and a couple of blends in the Art section.
But hey! I've been busy too, adding more pictures of Amber in the "Altered Images" section. You'll find pictures of her from all 3 parts of "Treasure Island Kids". And I'm working on Power Rangers where Bramberism is alive and well in "Operation Overdrive."

Blue_Eagle_3 has added 2 more Dollz to her collection, one of Patsy from season 2 with the tiara that Trudy made her wear. The other is of Danni in a different outfit.
You can find them by going to the Dollz section and clicking on <Recent>

I've changed the layout of the Icons (Avatars) section a bit to make it easier for me to manage. And hey! It might even be easier now to navigate your way around it.
Blue_Eagle_3 has made a number of 100x100 Avatars. You can find these under <Fanfics Art & Poetry> and click on the Icon tab, then click on Blue_Eagle_3. And since these are the most recent, you can also find them by clicking on <Recent>

Blue_Eagle_3 is keeping your webmaster busy with 12 new wallpapers today plus a new character for the Dollz section - Andy (from Season 3). You can find all of Blue_Eagle_3's wallpapers by clicking on the <Wallpaper> button, then click on the yellow <Recent> button. You can find all of Blue_Eagle_3's Dollz by clicking on the <Fanfics Art & Poetry> button on the left.
Welcome also to Swedish Girl/Ebony, another Swedish Tribe fan who has sent in 2 wallpapers. The character Ebony features in both her wallpapers.

Welcome to Blue_Eagle_3, a Tribe Fan from Sweden who has made a large collection of Tribal Dollz. There are more than 160 of them, (and Blue_Eagle_3 keeps on making more!). You'll find not only the usual characters, but also the unusual ones like Tophat and Moon. You can find the entire collection in TD's new Dollz section by clicking on the <Fanfics Art & Poetry> button on the left. But that's not all! Blue_Eagle_3 has also made some Wallpapers. Just click on the <Wallpaper> button, then click on the yellow <Recent> button. Of course you can also find them under the various character sub-sections.

Other than the slow ongoing additions to the Mall section (I'm currently selecting pics from Season 4) I've added some pics of Jacinta Wawatai (Mouse) from "Meeshee the Water Monster". You can find these in the Altered Images section. I also hope to add pics from various Power Rangers seasons. These will include Tom Hern (Ram), Antonia Prebble (Trudy), Dwayne Cameron (Bray), and many other characters (Amber, Jay, Moz, Kandy). After these I will add more pics of Miriama Smith (Moz) and Beth Allen (Amber) from other shows.

welcome to 'Amara' who has sent in 4 Wallpapers. Click on the Wallpapers button to find them. She has also made a set of 6 160x120 avatars/thumbnails that you can find in the <fanfics-Art & Poetry> section, then click <Buddy Icons>.

I've just put up a 'Slebony' wallpaper by Anroshina, plus she has made some 100x100 icons, including one of KC's rat, "Lex" (Season 2, unwittingly eaten by human Lex). Find respectively under "Wallpaper" and "Fanfics etc --> Buddy Icons" then click on the link to Anroshina's page near the bottom

I've just added a new affiliate and link to The Amulet. I've also just rediscovered "Vanessa Stacey Online", so I've re-instated that link with it's updated URL

Amber1987 has been busy! She has made 3 more wallpapers, and invented a new m-f pairing with hi weirdness factor: Mega and Danni. The other 2 are Danni & Lex; Danni & Bray. The easiest way to Check them out once you're in Wallpapers is to hit the yellow Recent button.

I'd like to welcome Amber1987 as a contributor to the Fan section. She has sent in 2 Wallpapers, 2 Avatars, a banner and an Amber blend in the Art section. You can find Isabel's new Wallpapers in the Recent page under Wallpapers. Thank you Amber1987 ! Amber1987 has her own German Language website. Her URL is http://www.tribe-germany.de.vu
Till next update - au revoir

Sorry I haven't updated this page since September. Since then I've done a lot more to the section I've called simply "Mall". It started as an interactive map of the Mall, with loads of pictures of nearly every room - inside, inside looking out, outside lookin in, and so on. I expanded that to include pictures of other places visited by the Mallrats. Then I've started to create the stories of each Mallrat, again with loads of pictures.
In the Fanfic section, just gone up, are chapters 13-15 of Tribebohemian's story, "The Radix". This is a Tribe 6 story that has followed the Mallrats as they left the City on Trader's boat.
Also just gone up are chapters 8 and 9 of Kate's story The 'Caust. It's strong stuff, and definitely not Mills & Boon. Violent times, and a violent man - Beck - who gets what's coming.
Anroshina has also been busy making Art blends of various characters and couples. Check her work out in the Fan Art section.
Till next update - Ciao

Is it that long since I updated this page? That doesn't mean there have been no updates...
Both Kate and Anroshina have added more to the Art pages.
In the Fanfic section, just gone up, is chapters 9 & 10 of Tribebohemian's story, "The Radix". This is a Tribe 6 story that has followed the Mallrats as they left the City on Trader's boat.
And since the last update of this page, Tribebohemian, Kate and Wendy have all been busy writing Fanfics:
Tribebohemian is well into part 2 of her story "To you I'll always return.. This is a Tribe 5 story where Lex and Trudy find love, while in Mega's City chaos and terror reign.
Kate's Story "Easier to Run" is an alternative Tribe 3 story where Amber really died and The Chosen aren't defeated ("Cleansing Fire"). Instead, The Chosen continue to rule the City ("The Birdcage")

Wendy's story "You Wish" is a slightly "off the wall" story about KC and a certain Amulet. But which Reality is real? What does KC want? Tough decisions...
And Finally.... I'm playing with an interactive map of the Mall. This page is very experimental and "Under construction" at the moment, so it's likely to change as I try different things. I must thank Natasja from the Netherlands who lent me her copy of the German Tribe Fan Book.

I've been asked by Jeppe to help canvas support among fans for a UK Tribal Gathering. It would be part of the Summer Memorabilia Show but before Memorabilia can commit themselves to inviting members of the cast, they need some idea of numbers who would very likely attend. Danielle (Eyeboards) has set up a petition so if you are definitely interested or want to find out more about it, visit this link: http://merylcassie.net/uktribalgathering/

Danny's story is now up. It's a Tribe 6 story after Mega died... or did he? It's titled "Losing a Game called Love."
Kate has been Wallpapering again! One each of Amber and Tai-San. Three ways to find these in the Wallpapers section. Go figure... Plus she has made 3 blends (In the Art section) and a Banner.

I have finished putting up part 6 of Kate's story One Lie Tells a Thousand Stories. It is now complete in all its 104 chapters.
Watch this space for a new Tribe 6 story by Danny.

Tribebohemian has wirtten chapters 5-8 of her Fanfic The Radix. This is a Tribe 6 story. The title 'The Radix' means something like The Root or Genesis.
Anroshina has made a couple blends (both featuring Mega) and a couple banners, one each of Ram and Mega.
As promised, I've put up nearly half of Kate's Story, part 6 of One Lie Tells a Thousand Stories. The second half of part 6 should follow by the end of this week.

Welcome to 'misky' who has allowed me to put her entire Tribal photobucket collecion on TD. This consists of about 50 wallpapers and some banners. You can find all her wallpapers in the yellow Recent section. Her photobucket URL can be found in the Wallpaper credits. Alternatively you can now click on the Purple box, then click on 'misky' in the list of Wallpaper contributors. Enjoy!
I've found it necessary to split some of the larger wallpaper pages into 2 or more smaller pages. Apart from needing to click one more button, navigation is just the same. In fact there is no difference at all for single-page categories.
I've also created a new section that I have called 'Altered Images'. It shows some of the Tribe cast in other shows.
Tribebohemian has finished 'Ryan's Story' (aka Ryan's Song) with a prolog. It ties up a few loose ends. I shall soon be adding some more chapters of 'The Radix'.
Sorry for the delay in putting up part 6 of Kate's epic story 'One Lie Tells a Thousand Stories. I hope to be putting this up very soon.

I've finished putting up Wendy's story A Step into the Future. The main story has 31 chapters, and takes place about 5 years after Tribe 5. So maybe that makes it Tribe 7? The Mallrats are now living on Tasmania and are thriving. Couples galore, but not how we remember! Returning faces, and one known as the Master, bent on revenge. Wendy has also written a character-based P.O.V.-style prolog to fill in the 5-year gap.

Tribebohemian has written two more chapters of "Ryan's Story" (aka Ryan's Song) and updated chapter 5. The story is about what happened to Ryan after he was taken to the Mines.
Plus Tribebohemian has started "The Radix". This picks up from the end of Tribe 5 when the Mallrats flee the City on May's friend's boat.

In the last month, Kate has made 3 new wallpapers featuring Gel, Bray & Salene (when she tries to seduce him), and of Patsy (her birthday party). Click on <Wallpaper> then click on the yellow 'Recent' button to see the latest Wallpapers. Kate has also made a blend on the theme of Glen and the Virus; and also a Trudy Avatar. You can find these by clicking on 'Fanfics, Art & Poetry'. Finally, I have put up part 5 of Kate's epic Fanfic "One Lie Tells a Thousand Stories", a "What-if" retelling of the entire Tribe story, The One Lie is that Trudy leads Bray to believe he is the father of her baby, not Zoot.
And welcome back Ivana! Ivana has made a couple of wallpapers, one of Amber and Lex ('Ambex') and one of Trudy with Martin (before he became Zoot). These can also be found in the Recent page of the Wallpapers section.
Coming Soon! Part 6 of One Lie... by Kate. And another Fanfic by Wendy: "The story is called Step Into the Future, and it takes place 5 years after the Mallrats left the city."

welcome to Seena who has sent T.D. 4 wallpapers, of Trudy, Ryan and one about pre-tribe Mega (and his relationship w. Slade)

In the last 3 weeks, Kate has made 10 new wallpapers, a Banner with May as the central character; and 7 blends. Click on <Wallpaper> then click on the yellow 'Recent' button to see the latest Wallpapers. You can find Banners and Art Blends by clicking on 'Fanfics, Art & Poetry'

I last updated this page in October. (I'm giving myself a slap on the wrist - Ouch!). But that doesn't mean trhings haven't been happening.
Tribemom has allowed me to put her Art collection on Tribal Digest. So go to the Fan Art section and take a look.
Also I'd like to welcome Tribebohemian. She has written a couple of stories, one about Ryan and his life after he was sent to the mines; plus she has written a story about Dal & Jet (the beautiful leader of the Gulls). Although Ryan's Story has a satifying conclusion, Tribebohemian plans to extend the story. So there may be more to come.
In October Kate wrote a short, tragic story about Patsy in Brokedown Palace. Then in November she wrote Taller in more ways, a story about Brady seeking revenge against Lex. At the end of December I put up part 4 of Kate's epic story One Lie Tells a Thousand Stories. It is a "what if" rewrite of the entire Tribe story. The One Lie is Trudy's, that her daughter is Bray's not Zoot's. So Zoot didn't die. Then it was the Locos who got the antidote and ruled the City.
Kate has written a standalone sequel to One Lie, Black Friday, written from the POVs of the 7 main characters whom Fate conspires to bring together. In the end they escape the war-torn City and make a new life for themselves.
Finally, Kate has made 26 new Wallpapers since October, plus 2 blends and 2 Avatars.
Mischa has written a poem about Ebony's unrequited love for Bray.