Hi there Tribe Fans!

My name is Stewart and by day I am an electronics engineer - yes I am older than 14/15 which is the age range normally thought of as Tribe-fans. I live in Sussex (by the sea)

I first found The Tribe while channel-hopping one Saturday afternoon; it was the tail-end of episode 3, season 3. I was instantly hooked and read all the storylines at the Tribeworld website to find out what I had missed.

By chance I "met" (in cyberspace) Zoe, webmaster of 100% Antonia, Ella Wilkes Online, and also of Sarah Major Online (Trudy, Danni and Patsy fan sites). At the time, she was starting these fan sites, and this triggered my imagination that I too could create a Tribesite. It would be an excuse (if one were needed) to watch the Tribe, plus I could learn all about the world of html.

When I first began the website, I knew pictures would be important. In those days I used what was known as a "video recorder". I soon upgraded to a super-VHS model. Then finally, hard drive DVD recorders became affordable. I have 2 of these both by Sony. I use 3 Macs networked with a regular PC and a laptop. I use Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop to create web pages and edit the pictures. I usually test web pages on 3 browsers before I am satisfied they won't do strange things

Other interests are history and DIY.. I like movies along the sci-fi or fantasy genre, like the original Star Wars trilogy, Lord of the rings etc, plus I've rather taken to the New Zealand sense of humor, as in "Being Eve" (which has Ruby playing Eve) and "Outrageous Fortune" (with Trudy playing Loretta).
Many thanks to Tribeworld, where a lot of pictures around the web can be traced back to, and to Cloud 9 for giving us such a brilliant show. Unfortunately their "The Tribe" website is not now actively managed, though you'll still find useful stuff there.

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So Why Do I Like The Tribe?
Difficult one that. It's not like your average soap. If it was once because of the survival theme capturing the imagination, that faded into the background as the show progressed season by season. Is it the plots? Certainly by S4 twists, turns and red-herrings abound. I like that. But I also like the character treatment - human feelings (hates, fears, loves) are explored in depth, both good and dark sides. All of Ebony's deviousness - and you never know what is going on in her twisted mind. Amber's qualities of leadership borne of her sense of responsibility and justice. There's humor and there's utter pathos. What other show could have a funeral ceremony for a dog? I thought that the birth of Brady was really well done. Here you had the reality of the pain of childbirth - lasting a lot longer than the 10 minutes you might believe from other treatments. All of human nature is here.