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chloe finlay
Monday 07/13/2009 8:51:43am
Where do you live? (City/Country)Australia
Favorite Tribe guy: lex , ved , jack
Favorite Tribe girl: ebony , ellie , amber
i love the show and i love this web site its awsome thanx for making it. I cant wait to buy all 5 seasons of the tribe.
Monday 02/09/2009 6:05:34pm
City/Country: UK
Favorite Tribe guy: Bray and Jay lol
Favorite Tribe girl: Tai-San and Danni!
Still one of the best Tribe sites around, I'm always popping on here when I need to find a certain Tribe episode/scene/reference from the series and to browse through episodes for a little Tribe fix.
Oh and I'm liking the 'Altered Images' section I must say!
Cheers Stewart,
Wednesday 02/04/2009 5:33:28pm
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Name: Kate
Comments: Hi there! As always, great to see this site still here. But there are a number of broken links in the links section...which is unfortunate, but the sites have just closed. Is there a point in keeping the links? I know there are a lot of those to go through and check over, and you probably have a life ;) but still...
Friday 01/09/2009 10:27:18am
City/Country: Strängnäs/Sweden
Favorite Tribe guy: Bray
Favorite Tribe girl: Amber
Love the page I only wish is that you hade a altered Images on Lex I see him in a Xena episode
Tuesday 11/11/2008 3:09:20am
City/Country: United States
Favorite Tribe guy: Lex and Jack
Favorite Tribe girl: Zandra, Trudy and Amber
I just came by to see if this wonderful site was still up and it is! Thankgoodness. It's one of my favorite sites. Myself am a tribe fan and have written many stories for the tribe and done fanart. But mostly for my tribe stories.
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